3 Ways Anxious Home Sellers Can Lighten Their Load

While selling your home may be necessary and even beneficial for many reasons, some homeowners become very anxious about the actual process of showing, negotiating, signing contracts, and moving. If you feel this way, don't panic. You can still have a successful and largely stress-free sale. To help accomplish this, follow these simple ideas.

1. Rely on Your Agent

Your real estate agent is a seasoned professional who has done this all before. They can do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to advertising, negotiating, and following the legal rules and steps.

Take advantage of their experience and let them guide you through the process. Discuss your concerns with them, and ask questions about aspects that make you nervous. The more you can use their knowledge to prep the home well and to understand how the sales process works, the less anxiety you will feel when things start rolling. 

2. Outsource Your Work

The less you feel that you are responsible for, the less stress you will have about getting things done properly. One easy way to reduce your load — emotionally and physically — is to outsource everything you can. This could include hiring a house cleaner to keep things neat and tidy at all times, a landscape service to ensure the yard looks its best, and a real estate attorney to go over legal matters. 

You can even outsource other aspects of your life if it will minimize stress. You could, for instance, avoid taking on stressful work projects right now or hire some outside help with things like sorting your belongings or even caring for pets and children. 

3. Determine Your Price Range

Does the idea of negotiating the actual sale price makes you uncomfortable? Then put some standards in place that go beyond simply finding a listing price. Together with your real estate agent, determine a selling price range that you will accept — from the lowest number you can accept to the highest number that is reasonably likely.

Knowing your acceptable range in advance means you don't have to stress over what it means to get enough from the home. It also means that you can negotiate more quickly and decisively and that your agent can better assist you by pre-screening and doing some negotiating without involving you. 

Managing the sale of your home is bound to cause some anxiety in most homeowners. But by outsourcing the elements that make you uncomfortable and relying on the experience of a good real estate agent, you can win this challenge. Start today by consulting with a qualified agent in your area.  

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