Have A Large Family? 4 Tips For Buying A Home With Ample Parking

When you look at buying a home for a small- to medium-sized family, you may find that you have no issue getting features that accommodate everyone. But trying to do the same thing for a large family can lead to a variety of challenges because you can only accommodate so many people easily, which means you will need to get rather creative to meet your family's wants and needs.

If your household is quite large and the rest of your family is even larger, you may want to buy a home with ample parking so that everyone can come to your house without a problem.


An excellent feature to look at first is the garage because this is where you can guarantee parking for your household. A two-car garage is quite common and will give you room to park two cars inside, which may be all that you need if you often carpool and drive together as a family.

If you have a third car that you know will be staying in the household, you may want to prioritize homes with a three-car garage for a guaranteed parking spot that is safe from harm.


While the garage is where you can get a reliable place for your immediate family to park, you may also want to get a large driveway to accommodate anyone who comes over. A long and wide driveway is perfect because it will allow your guests to line up their cars in multiple rows. This will make it possible to fit more than a handful of cars while also making it easy to come and go.

Front Yard

If you are not able to find a property with a large enough driveway to satisfy your needs, you should not pass the home up immediately. A better option is to look at the front yard to determine whether there is enough space to expand the driveway once you become the owner.


When you do not want to demand a large driveway while sacrificing other important features that your family is interested in, you should look for lots of easy-to-access street parking. Looking at the street on several occasions at different times of day will help you determine whether your family will be able to park right outside the house on a regular basis. If so, you can pick a house with a small driveway and great street parking as it will still be easy for your family to come over.

Focusing on these features will help you buy a fitting home with ample parking for a large family. Start looking at homes for sale today to see if they have the features you want.

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