Pros And Cons Of Renting An Entire House On A Regular Basis

People rent everything from apartments to condos to homes these days. There are certainly some pluses to renting an entire house over renting just an apartment, but there are also some minuses. If you are looking at renting a house on a lease or month-to-month basis, here are some of those benefits and drawbacks to consider. 


You Get a LOT More Space

Most houses for rent give you a lot more space for the rent payment you make. Most apartments are generally tiny and crowded, unless you want to pay rent that is on par with the rent you would pay to rent a house! If you are going to rent a lot more space, why not rent a house where you are by yourself (with the exception of your family) in a single structure, rather than having dozens of other tenants living in the same building around you? You will feel more safe and secure and have more privacy living in a rented house. 

House Proprietors May Let You Have a Pet

Most apartments and apartment buildings will not let you have any pets. That is often quite the opposite for house proprietors, who may let you have a dog, cat, or other pet with a pet deposit. On top of that, the land around a house for rent is ideal for a small dog to run around and play, as well as do its "business." If you have been yearning to have a pet since living on your own, this is a good way to go about renting more space and having the pet you have wanted. Just be aware that some house proprietors forbid tenants from keeping Pitbulls, rottweilers, and other dog breeds that are considered dangerous because their property insurance will not cover incidents involving these breeds. 


Expect Rent to Be High

You are renting an entire house, after all. Your landlord/lady is attempting to cover overhead costs, plus the mortgage on the property, which is all included in the cost of rent. If you are really lucky, you might find a property rented out by an elderly lady or gentleman who just wants to subsidize their income and therefore charges less, but that is less common. 

Expect to Pay All or Most of Your Own Utilities 

When you rent a house, you usually pay all of your own utilities too. This includes electricity, gas, water, and sewer, just as though you were the owner of the property. While it is good practice for when you finally own your own house, it may not be financially feasible on top of the cost of rent for the property you are looking at renting. 

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