Selling A Single-Family Home? Tidy Up These 3 Areas Too

When you are selling a house, you may zero in on cleaning the main components of the house, such as the living room, bathroom, and kitchen areas. However, buyers can be incredibly picky, and it pays to tidy up the entirety of your home, not just the parts that buyers will move to first. Here are three areas you should never forget about, and why they will make a difference to prospective buyers.  

1. Yard

Your yard is the first thing buyers will see when they approach your property, so think twice before you let your kids leave things like toys, garden toys, and other materials all over the place. Instead, do what you can to clean up the entire space, and focus on creating as beautiful of a first impression as possible. 

Plant flowers in the flower beds, move through and plant bulbs in places where they will bloom, and focus on eliminating things like weeds and other debris. Make certain that the grass is cut and watered properly, and consider hiring someone to take care of edging and other landscaping tasks. 

By focusing on the yard, you can make a positive first impression, and help the buyers to realize how much pride you take in your home, which can make a big difference when it comes time to negotiate. 

2. Garage

Garages are important to buyers, especially since they may rely on the space to store cars, power tools, and gardening equipment. Oftentimes, buyers also rely on their garage areas to take care of projects such as woodworking, which is why leaving the space messy and cluttered could cause problems.

As you prepare your garage, make sure the space is accessible and clean, and focus on eliminating clutter where you can. Think about moving items to a storage unit or taking them to a friend or family member's property, so you can clean things up quickly. 

3. Basement 

If you have a basement, go through the space to rid the area of clutter, such as extra boxes, stored clothes, or dirty laundry. Tidy up the entire space, and focus on making the area as functional and user-friendly as possible. Create an exercise area, a project area, and even a spot for storage, so buyers know how functional the space can be. 

Remember, anytime you are thinking about selling a home or buying a new one, it pays to work with a real estate agent. In addition to walking you through the entire process, agents can also take care of negotiations on your behalf, helping you to prevent lags in the process that could cost you time and money. Work with an agent who has a great reputation and who is committed to helping you to get top dollar for your place. 

For more information on selling your single-family home, reach out to a real estate agent near you. 

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