Should You Fix Up Your Home Before Selling It?

One question you might have about selling your house is if you should fix it up before selling it. You have the choice between selling it like it is or fixing it, and you might want to ask your seller's agent to learn more about these options. A seller's agent is the real estate agent you hire to help you sell your property, and this agent offers advice and recommendations. Here are several things the agent might tell you if you ask this question.

There Are Pros and Cons with Each Choice

First, you can experience pros and cons with each choice. If you decide to sell your house without updating it, the benefit is that you save money. You will not have to invest money into improving your home. You simply sell the house as it is, and you can even list it as an as-is home sale. The downside to selling without making improvements is you limit the buyer pool. Fewer people might show interest in your home, as most people prefer buying a house that does not need work.

If you decide to renovate before selling, you will also experience some pros and cons. The first benefit is that you might have fewer challenges selling it. You will likely notice that more people take interest in your home because it does not need work. The downside to updating it is that you will have to spend money completing the projects, and you might have difficulties getting your money back.

The Market Conditions Affect the Buyers

The second thing to understand is that the market conditions affect the buyers at the time you list your house. If people only want finished homes, you might not find someone who will buy your house as-is. If the market is tight and people are not buying homes, you might find someone faster if you sell as-is. You can talk to your agent to determine what the conditions are at this time.

Your Choice Affects the Timing of the Sale

The other thing to realize is that your choice affects the timing of the sale. If you renovate, you will have to wait until you complete the projects before you can sell. If you sell as-is, though, it might take longer to find a buyer.

Now that you understand these things, you can decide which option to pick. If you decide to list now, talk to a seller's agent to put the home up for sale. If you want to renovate first, talk to an agent to decide what updates to make.

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