Buying A Home? 3 Landscape Features To Prioritize For Low-Upkeep Living

Living in an apartment or condo can give you valuable homeowner experience because maintaining the interior is essential. While you may be ready to purchase a single-family home and feel confident about your ability to handle upkeep and any challenges that you run into inside the house, you may not feel the same way when it comes to maintaining the landscape.

If you want to minimize landscape upkeep, you will need to put effort into prioritizing certain features and qualities that can provide you with this outcome.


One of the best things that you can do while checking out different homes is prioritize the ones with small landscapes. This way, even if you end up loving a house that has a busy landscape, you will not have to worry about maintaining such a large area that can demand a lot of your time.

Another advantage of getting a home with a small landscape is that you will have an easier time keeping an eye on everything so that you know when health problems arise. On a property with a huge backyard, you may not know when plants in the far back start having health issues.


The kind of features that you get throughout the landscape will play a substantial role in how much time you need to invest in upkeep. While a pool and hot tub are features that you may enjoy having at times, they will require a considerable amount of upkeep over time. But, this does not mean that you need to skip features altogether as a covered patio is still a great choice.

Going with a covered patio is ideal because the cover can protect your entire patio from a lot of the wear and tear that would normally happen from exposure to the sun and other elements.

Irrigation System

If you are going to have a landscape with grass, plants, and trees, you should expect them to need watering at different times throughout the year to keep them healthy. To minimize upkeep, you should try to minimize how much time and effort you put into watering. This makes it worth getting an irrigation system with a smart controller that can make adjustments on its own.

When you are looking forward to buying a home and you want to keep landscape upkeep to a minimum, you can enjoy a positive outcome by prioritizing the right features.

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